Ivan Križnar

Hi! I’m a JavaScript specialist living in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Work & experience

As a developer with more than 10 years of experience, I have helped startups, small businesses and large enterprises build their websites and applications. I have worked as both a contractor and a full-time employee for a variety of clients and agencies.

Applications I’ve worked on were used by large brand names like Sony, ESPN, Google, Dermalogica, General Electrics, NBC, Intel, Spotify, Time Inc., Amazon, Aol, T-Mobile

Octane AI

Octane AI is a Facebook Messenger chatbot platform that specializes in ecommerce marketing. My resposibilities were to develop features focused around our Shopify integration and build 3rd party platform integrations. During the time I was there the Octane AI Shopify App was featured by Shopify twice and was also a trending app in their app store.

Reciprocity Inc.

I was hired as a subcontractor for an open-source GGRC (Google Governance, Risk and Compliance) project led by Google. One of my primary duties was to improve the current front end architecture and its performance.


My duties for one of the best and fastest growing social publishing platforms were twofold: as a core developer I developed features, shaped the product and scaled application architecture. As a team lead I delegated tasks, and performed code reviews and technical interviews for newcomers. We were recognized as one of the best in Time and BusinessInsider.


I joined Saturized, an award-winning design agency, in order to help them provide their clients with a superior exprience and pixel perfect designs. My duties were to establish and lead a front end development team and standardize their development processes.

If you wish to see detailed clients and project list, get in touch with me.


As a developer my primary focus is JavaScript, athough I am comfortable working with Python, PHP, SQL. Along with coding I have conducted technical interviews, code reviews and small team management.

My key skills are:

  • JavaScript – React, Backbone, jQuery
  • HTML
  • CSS – LESS, SASS, Compass
  • Git

I have experience working with:

  • Python – Django, Flask
  • PHP – Laravel, Zend, Kohana, Symfony
  • Ruby – Ruby on Rails

Talks & Lectures

  • 2014 – How to structure large Backbone.js application @ JS Meet
  • 2013 – Introduction to Backbone.js @ wwwh
  • 2013 - Learn to use jQuery @ GoWeb
  • 2012 – How to create a widget with jQuery UI @ DaFED


I usually spend my spare time with my family and friends. I love to code, cook, explore restaurants and pubs, watch movies, practice drums, go out, have fun, occasionaly read a non-work related book.

People I love spending time with

Anže Pečar, Sava Lazin, Swizec Teller, Boris Vujičić, Daniel Kapitanj, Nemanja Glumac, Nemanja Ivanović, Slobodan Kovačević, Srđan Vranac, Miroslav Georgijević, Robert Bašić, Matic Potočnik

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Feel free to contact me anytime. You can find me on: